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Title: Mr. So Cal Leather 2019
Age: 40
Profession: Project Manager
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Biography: Aric is Mr So Cal Leather 2019. Originally from the Washington DC area, Aric arrived in Los Angeles in 2013. He works as a Project Manager for a major health organization,  holds dual masters degrees in Health Informatics and Project Management Administration.

Aric first discovered his kinky side and his deep love for the red hanky 7 years ago. Coming from a suburban area, he didn’t realize that there was a large community he could enjoy his growth with. He attended events like Dore and Folsom, slowly finding comfort and acceptance. He became active in the LA Leather community in early 2018 when he pledged and became a full member of Onyx Southwest/SoCal.

Aric intends to celebrate kinky sexuality while promoting and educating others on sex positivity and sexual health while promoting inclusive event spaces to further foster community growth.

Aric’s interests include Int’l travel, history, volunteering within the leather community, being outside in nature and finding a red flagging (right side) buddy to explore.

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