Ben – Mr. LA Leather Bear 2018

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    Profile NameMrLALB2018

    Full NameBen Kaufher

    Profile BioOriginally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Ben Kaufher is a leather bear who has lived in LA for a decade with his husband Ben. He loves listening and flirting, and has a soft spot in his knees for Dads, Sirs, and Coaches. A member of the rebooted LA Boys of Leather, Ben believes that great change comes through service. When he is not working in TV production, he can often be found making out with as many people as possible. He gives great massages and flags yellow, hunter green, gray, black, and various blues out of his very full right pocket. Ben says that most problems in the world can be solved with either love or sausage gravy.

    TitleMr. LA Leather Bear 2018

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    ProfessionTV Production

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