(Sample 2018 Content) Contestant Photo/Video Shoot

Feb 18 10am-3pm at Eagle LA, with Dusti Cunningham for The FIGHT.

Contestants – you will need both formal and play gear ready to go. We’ll probably do the formal first, then group formal, then individual play, then group play. You can drop stuff in the back bar by the spiderweb, where they usually set up the changing area for contests.

To make things even crazier, Jasun Mark and Jim Fall will also be there to do a video shoot with you as well.  Please think about what kind of kink or fun sexiness you want to show. Whatever you are comfortable with.  A teaser from last year’s video is still available on the LALP Facebook page if you want an example.

Since it’s a super busy morning in a tight space, we can’t allow any handlers or friends to be there until the bar opens at 2.  See you guys there!