Eli Avila- Mr. Eagle 562 Leather 2019

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Title: Mr Eagle562 Leather 2019
Age: 41
Profession: Healthcare Programmer
Hometown: Long Beach
Biography: Eli, 41, is the oldest of four - one brother and two sisters.  Born and raised in Boyle Heights, CA under a large close-knit family, life was simple yet comfortable.  With cousins and family members living on the same block, growing up was fun and always a party.  Lived his young-adult life in the San Gabriel Valley then starting his adult life in the South Bay/Long Beach area where he has lived for over 20 years.

Growing up under a strong religious mother and alcoholic father, balancing the pressures of the clashing worlds was never easy.  It has taught him that no matter how much he tries to fit into a mold that he was not intended to fit in, you will only be reminded of who you really are.  Like many others, navigating through a conflicted identity alone having no support or resource to lean on, coming to terms with himself on his own identity was stifled well into his mid-thirties.  Through curiosity and self-exploration, Eli developed friends and acquaintances in the LGBTQ community.  It wasn't until finding root in the community did he find the support and strength to accept and begin to be open about himself.

Through the development of other gay friends, Eli discovered many like-minded sex-positive people.  These similar interests in others helped Eli discover the various subcultures of kink and leather and all the playful fun it has to offer!  Eli is grateful for the friends and support around him in his life who were sincere and inclusive with him because they, unknowingly, played an influencing role in the person and leather man he is today.  In this regard, Eli strives to be the same positive influence and support to someone else new who might be discovering themselves or coming to terms.

By profession, Eli has worked in the healthcare industry all his career life working as a programmer in the areas of marketing, finance and data analytics.

Eli takes complete pride in representing the Eagle562, his home bar.
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