Elliot Musgrave – Mr. Precinct 2019

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Title:  Mr. Precinct Leather 2019

Age:  37

Profession:  Personal Trainer

Hometown: Los Angeles

Biography: Elliot first discovered kink and BDSM as a child, when he would steal his father’s Marquis magazines, and hide in the bathroom to look at the pictures.  It wasn’t until he was in his 30’s that he felt comfortable exploring leather himself. Through leather, Elliot has found a supportive community of creatives, where he feels comfortable being himself as a Trans person.

Elliot is a personal trainer by trade, and bases his practice at Everybody Los Angeles, a radically inclusive wellness facility, serving the Queer and body positive community.  Here Elliot has established the TG/NB Project, a by Trans for Trans fitness initiative that provides free fitness classes for Trans and non-binary folks.

Elliot is a lifestyle switch, and enjoys all forms of impact play, bondage, piercing and blood play, sensory deprivation, fisting, hook suspension, and boot blacking.

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