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Title: Mr. LA Leather Bear 2019
Age: 32
Profession: Lyft Driver
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Biography: Born in Lynwood, raised in Long Beach, and now residing in Silver Lake, I am the oldest of four boys.  I grew up in a strong Christian background but since denounced the religion at age 14 two weeks after coming out of the closet as gay.  I was also homeless on-and-off for three years, and I advocate for the rights of homeless people and help try to eradicate homelessness as much as possible by helping youth find resources for hygiene, interview clothes, and jobs.  I have been in the Bear community for six years, and in the Leather community for five.

I am a huge anime and math nerd, and I love fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and the Marvel vs. Capcom series.  I co-facilitate with a group of friends to host a weekly Gaymer Night every Thursday at Reach LA.  I am now a member of the Los Angeles Gayming Society (LAGS), a huge club of gaymers who plan special events at conventions and bars to serve as safe spaces for LGBT+ gaymers.

I have volunteered for the LGBT Center helping at-risk homeless youth with housing and finding jobs.  I am also a part of the Payasos, an LA-based group of people dedicated to raise money to help people living with HIV/AIDS, and to help children of the Hope House dealing with terminal illnesses.

I flag red and yellow on the left, and fuchsia and dark pink on the right.  My kinks deal with a lot of nipple play, being flogged and tickled, fisting, spanking/getting spanked, and some wax and rope play.  I am also a nudist/exhibitionist and voyeurist.

I love music, and my favorite genres are smooth jazz, chill hop, R&B, and electro/trance.  I also love to eat, and my favorite foods are of the Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisines. More
of my hobbies include singing, acting, (nude) swimming and hiking, and collecting old-school movies.
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