Jacob Pope – Mr. CSW Leather 2019

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Title: Mr. Christopher Street West 2019
Age: 40
Profession: Radiology Imaging Engineer
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
Biography: Jacob is a native of a small town outside of Norfolk, Virginia. Growing up in a small town, he felt isolated and joined the Army in search of personal and sexual freedom.

After the military, Jacob moved to Los Angeles to experience a city and community where he can be comfortable about his sexuality. During his journey, he found his fetish of role play, impact play, sensation play, bondage and being subdominant. He flags grey on the left and light blue on the right.

Currently, he is a Radiology Imaging Engineer who enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping and nudity in nature.

While discovering the leather community within the past year, his goal is to be an inspiration to youth by providing courage and support to those coming out about their sexual orientation. This is why he feels that the Mr. Christopher Street West title is important to him.
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