James Lee – IML 2018

James Lee - IML 2018

James aspires to live life to the fullest while learning along the way. He tries his best to follow three rules: Have Fun, Respect, and Never Give Up. He believes in surrounding himself with people that challenge him for the better, sharing his life lessons and whimsical attitude. James works hard to give back to his community in and out of leather. He’s a coach/choreographer for hip hop, cheerleading, and power tumbling and is a friend and mentor to his athletes and their parents. His Chosen and Bio family is his support system, and most precious treasure.

James seeks to create an experience in the community that doesn't exclude but includes everyone that has passion for the community and lessons to learn, thus creating journeys that will grow the Leather community as a whole.

James holds the leather titles of:
Mr. Crossings Lexington 2017
Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017
International Mister Leather 2018

He's also a Falsie's Stanley Leather Award winner of the Imperial Court of Kentucky and Southeast Pantheon Award winner.

He believes that if you
"Show the world your moves; who knows you just might move the world."

And asks,

"Why chase diversity and inclusion when it should be chasing you?"