LALP 2020 Postponed

For Immediate release March 10,2020
RE: Los Angeles Leather Pride 2020

Dear Tribe,

As we look forward to this exciting leather pride season our community event partners have planned a week of exciting, erotic and inspiring events for you to enjoy. Now only days away from it’s launch we the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Los Angeles Leather Pride, @The Assembly and Off Sunset Festival 2020 planning committees have had to face certain evident truths that directly effect and impact not only our community, but L.A.’s citizens at large.

After several days of conversations with public officials and our pride sponsors, we have decided to reschedule Los Angeles Leather Pride 2020. This morning the World Health Organization has officially marked the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) a pandemic. This virus has put the world on high alert. Our decision was not been made lightly, but the safety and well being of you, our family, is our priority.

Los Angeles Leather Pride 2020 was created as a celebration of our community and leather culture. Currently, there is much fear and sadness because of the Coronavirus. This situation is a fluid one. As public gatherings both locally and around the world continue to be rescheduled, it is uncertain now when we will proceed. As much as we would love to gather publicly and celebrate, now is not the time. We need to put our health and safety first.

We look forward to rescheduling all events and guarantee that it will be even more exciting and fun without a cloud of worry surrounding it. After all, we are all in this together.

We would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers for their continued support and understanding regarding this decision.

And to our titleholders, it is YOU most of all that we celebrate. Thank you for representing our community and yourselves in an amazing light. Your celebration date will come soon!

Once again please keep yourselves safe. Follow the recommended guidelines of local and government officials. And if you feel that you have been exposed to the virus, please seek medical.

Our community has faced worse events and we will survive this one too…together in pride.

Robert Green – LALC Chair
Gabriel Green – LALP Chair