Dwayne Carl

  • Mr. LA Leather Competition 2018!
    #Cum celebrate with the Leather Class of 2018 and The Fight Magazine’s Abbey Release Party!
    When: March 8, Thursday night.
    Where: The Abbey WEHO
    Time: 9pm-11pm
    #Leathernight #Fun #Celebrate #Sensuality
    #Kink #Fetish #BeYou

  • @Mr. Regiment Contest
    With the gang….:-)

  • @Mr Regiment Contest at the Eagle
    With Esteban, Diego, Devin

  • @The Mr. Regiment Contest
    Eagle LA with Eric

  • ….on the Road to Mr. LA Leather Competition
    Whoa, this is fucking HOT!!!
    The Fight Magazine
    Mr. LA Leather Competition
    The Abbey, West Hollywood
    Abbey Release Party
    March 8, 9pm – 11pm
    Come join us and celebrate

  • #Payasos Baby!!!!!!
    Kick off meeting for our AIDS LIFECYCLE FUNDRAISERS!

  • ..on the Road to Mr. Los Angeles Leather

    Sexy men meeting at the Tom Of Finland foundation for our Title Holders Boot Camp.
    Thank you LABB for this wonderful opportunity.

  • ..on the Road to Mr. Los Angeles Leather

    Sexy men meeting at the Tom Of Finland foundation for our Title Holders Boot Camp.

  • Pepe LePew…omg, can I tell you he us my all time favorite cartoon character! LOL!
    Probably explains why I’m such a loving, free #Liberated soul today. Pepe is my mahnnn!

  • A loving moment I will never forget.
    #Brotherhood #family #leaders

  • A loving moment I will never forget!
    #brotherhood #family #leaders

  • The beauty of being in love.

  • My beautiful moment.
    Eagle for life!
    #humbled #honored

  • Being selected into the Writer’s Guild Veterans writing program has been a dream come true.
    Writing my first film script has been challenging, but yet, fun. I’m extremely grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • One of my most liberating moments is when I went to the Folsom street festival last year and walked the streets naked. I identify as a nudist as well, and to be in my natural glory was incredible. What was most exciting is that no one gave a fuck. That was awesome!

  • At Eagle LA, Bear Chest Contest
    With Don Mike, Eli, David, Tom and DJ Brian Novy,
    Great night!!!!

  • Last night at Eagle LA Bear Chest Contest…
    With Don Mike, winner Luis
    Dance off waa everything!

  • Come celebrate with #Payasos at #Encuerado, Latino night. The last Wednesday of the month at Eagle LA.

    I am Gogo payasos. Come dance, get sexy and play at this hot night!

  • I’m having the time of my life as Eagle LA Mr LEATHER. I get get to do fun stuff like co-host the Bear Chest Contest every Thursday night at the Eagle…With the fabulous Don Mike…

    What a fantastic night at our Bear Chest Contest! We have a sexy Winner…Luis!!!
    I invited him to come out to Encuerado next Wednesday night…so come on out and…[Read more]

  • Tom of Finland
    Film is outstanding. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it.
    Compelling story.

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