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FiFi LaFille


Mr. Precinct Leather




LA County Board of Health Testicular Cancer Checker



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FiFi was born in the 3rd stall of the 1st floor bathrooms of the Casino de Monte Carlo and was quickly abandoned at the doorsteps of L’Orphelinat de Cannes. She grew up a child of the streets, learning the hard lessons of the world in the different cultural capitals of Europe. However, at some point in her early twenties she found herself back on the Cote d’Azur catering to the needs of various Sheiks and Russian Oligarchs, spending her leisure time on the multi-million dollar yachts found in the harbor. Finding it harder to keep a steady clientele that were up to her standards, she moved to Los Angeles, in hopes of becoming an Hollywood Star. She can however be found most nights working the corner of Orange and Santa Monica Blvd.


Read the rules, than break them.

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