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AJ Chier, Mister Bullet Leather 2017


Mister Bullet Leather 2017




Transit Manager & US Air Force Reserves


Pasadena, California

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I’m extremely proud to represent The Bullet Bar of North Hollywood in this year’s contest.

I was raised in San Diego, and then spent about 16 years moving around the country for work. I’ve lived in many cities in Texas, including Beaumont, College Station, Dallas, and Houston. Work also sent me to Washington D.C. for a few years. I am so glad to have moved back to the west coast two years ago.

It was about four years ago in Washington that I found the Leather Family when I went to the Mid-Atlantic Leather host hotel and bought my first harness. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey since then.

My passions include history, classic cars, and model trains. I’ve also dedicated almost 17 years to the US Air Force, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am grateful for the support of my partner Geoffrey and the crazy enthusiasm of our greyhound mix, Lucille.

My primary flag is dark blue on the left, but it changes as new experiences present themselves. Why limit the experience?

The bedrock principles that I embrace are family, inclusion, and education.

My charity is the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center. I believe strongly that we need to build strong foundations under the younger members of our family so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.


The movement toward equality has come far in the past few years and we must continue to push with the momentum we’ve gained. We’ve come too far to be shoved back into our closets or be bullied into submission. The only way we’ll succeed at holding our ground or gaining more is if we come together as one solid front. We will be easy to silence if we continue to subdivide our community into pockets of bears, twinks, leather daddies, circuit queens, etc.. I’m proud to represent The Bullet Bar, because it, more than any other place in LA, is where these groups combine to form one FAMILY.


AJ Chier, Mister Bullet Leather 2017

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