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Mr Sanctuary Leather 2017


Los Angeles, California

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Proud Mexican, Leather Man, Handler, Business Owner, Hard Worker and dedicated Family Man some of the words you’ll hear spoken about me, Romaldo Mancilla. My passion for this community is endless, my love and support can always be found. Leather has been a part of my life for a very long time now  since I was 22. In the beginning I prided myself on being in service to a Sir, as a boy through and through.

After some years I discovered something new about myself, I developed a love for pups and shortly after I started a pack and became the proud Handler of Pound Puppies L.A. Which consist of four amazing puppies, Pup Dazzle, Pup Panda, Pup Pulg-Oso and Pup Cupcake. On December 10th something amazing happened, with the support of my family and pack I became with great pride Mr. Sanctuary 2017.

Now with my new title in hand I’ve been on a mission to do even more in the community that has accepted and embraced me. I’ve even gotten back to my roots becoming a member of the L.A. Boys of Leather, a group that exists as a forum through which self-identified Leather Boys may learn and educate others about the Leather Community.

I look forward to what else my leather journey has in store, those I will meet, those I can teach, those I can learn from and the great things I can contribute to the community…

Mr Sanctuary Leather 2017

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