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Joshua Hernandez is the son and grandson of immigrants to the United States that were seeking political and religious freedom. He was born in Los Angeles, California—he is one of a few people in the city that can say is a native born “Angelino”. He has a masters and a PhD in Economics with specializations in Economic History and Thought, Ricardian Economic Theory, and Marxian-Institutionalism, respectively. Yes, he is a socialist!
His appreciation and love for uniforms and leather began when he was in the military, as a non-commissioned officer—drill and staff sergeant.
As a brown-skinned gay man growing up, he had no mentors to assist him with the aspects of the “gay” life style in high school. As a result, military discipline and the military “uniform” allowed him to enter into a different world of security and sexual freedom with his close military companions and certain “sergeants”. In turn, this would open up new avenues into the “gay” life style and community through mutual civilian friendships before and after leaving the military.
For the last 17 years, he has been involved with assisting the Latino/a/X community in the Inland Empire with preparation at the high school level for admissions to universities in the United States, especially in California. His mentorship, especially for Latinas and LGTBQX has proved beneficial to the community. 85% have gone to graduation with a bachelor’s degree and still others have gone to complete masters and PhD degrees.
Currently he is involved and supportive of the “Safe Space” initiatives for LGTBQX students around campus, in his own unit and office.
He is passionate of his current involvement and membership with the California B & B Corps-“The longest established Uniform Club in the United States whose members share a mutual interest in the collecting and wearing of Uniforms.” This past September 2018, the B & B celebrated their 50 anniversary. He also enjoys the B & B’s philanthropic support the Tom of Finland Foundation.
For Joshua, Tom of Finland is ultimate illustration of the military-leather-uniform aspect of the well-rounded “Leather-Man”. Tom of Finland is the genius and genesis of what Joshua’s passion and human soul is all about, especially at this juncture of his life.
This is the reason why Joshua decided to run for the title of Mr. Regiment Leather 2019. This title represents to him, Touko Laaksonen’s (Tom of Finland) all-inclusive representation of the military-leather-uniform man.


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Joshua Hernandez

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