Mr. CSW Leather 2023 – Christopher Velasquez

Mr. CSW Leather 2023 – Christopher Velasquez

Christopher Velasquez is a 27 year old Los Angeles native. Since coming out as gay, he has embarked on an interesting journey. Finding himself bridging many Los Angeles communities, he has made friends with a range of community members — from the queens and leathermen of Silverlake to the boys, girls and non-binary residents and patrons of West Hollywood.  Today, he finds himself most connected to leather, and he flags black and gray.   

Chris placed 1st runner up in the Mr. CSW Leather contest in 2020, and went on to win the title in 2022. Since then, he has continued to share himself through teaching others while being a student within the community.  He has also used his platform to elevate his podcast focused on sharing stories within the broader gay community and most recently has co-created a successful leather night at a venue in the West Valley, an area of the city that has not always had access to leather events.  Building upon this success, Chris was able to expand his Latin Leather Night to North Hollywood, making it the only Latin Leather Night in that area at the time.

With his success, Chris is eager to give back to the community that has given him so much.  He is consistently developing new opportunities to bridge communities, welcoming all individuals and providing assistance to those in need.

This gay proud kinky latino leatherman is part of the next generation to continue long-held traditions while establishing new ones.