Spike – Mr. Precinct Leather 2018

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    LocationToluca lake

    Profile NameSpike

    Profile Biospike- i am 30, from norwalk, always known I was gay, was just veryhard to come out in my comunity, (ghetto) was raised with a very roughexterior ,i was a twink gogo boy all threw collage (AMDA) until ibecame comfortable in my own skin,i began to experament in SNM andbondage , trained under two doms they showed me how to make painpleaserable for all parties involved . I performed as a sub for 2years then became my own boss as master Spike i had many liveperforances and private. one on one  sessions,  now i am open to somuch more, i am rough and fem, i can kick your ass and do your make up. i am a gender bending drag queen. i love to incorperate my fetishand gogo dancing into my drag. I am now trying to exist as much as mytrue self. no fears no regrets just life

    TitleMr. Precinct Leather 2018

    Contest SponsorPrecinct



    ProfessionArtist/performer and bartender


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