Mr. Regiment Leather 2023 – Colin MacDougall

Mr. Regiment Leather 2023 – Colin MacDougall

Colin is in the midst of an intense Phoenix Year. For the past decade, he excelled in his dream role as an International Producer for Television/Film & Big Budget Podcasts. He started from intensely humble beginnings including being kicked out of his rural Arkansan home at age fifteen for being gay. This situational crucible made him dream bigger and push harder than most people can to get to his goals. However, while making a series in Norway he was hospitalized for almost working himself to death for that dream.

This was the catalyst for an unexpected divorce, relocation from Italy, a large career change, and the one and only experience of attempting to take his own life. Luckily for him, when he arrived back in Los Angeles a group of men took him under their wings. These burly angels were not just any men, they were Leather Men. In building his life again (feather by feather) from the deepest of ashes he found something he didn’t realize he was missing while living what many called a “dream life” – true happiness and community… and the best orgasms of his life.

Diving headfirst into the deep end of the pool, Colin happily folded into the lives of some of Los Angeles’s Leather Royalty. They taught him lessons of self-love, connection, community responsibility, and how to embrace and celebrate one’s entirely natural kink side. He restructured his life to be as close to the community that took him in as possible – becoming a staff member at Bullet Bar LA in North Hollywood. There he found not just a community, but a family. He started as a humble doorman and worked his way behind the bar and into the hearts of some of the greatest men and women he’d ever met. Now you can find him slinging drinks in a jockstrap and gear, Hosting SING BITCH Karaoke every Monday (from 9pm-1am, thanks for the plug), or creating new spaces for everyone to feel included in the leather community.

Less than a month after winning his title he hosted his first fundraiser “Boogie Woogie Beer Bust” which benefited The Leather Journal. And in December 2022 he will host the first Furry Play Party – Fuzz – at Bullet Bar LA. He’s got a 7.5 inch cock and knows exactly how to use it and an even bigger heart. His goal for his run year has been and will continue to be promoting sincere inclusion rather than separatism in the ever-evolving leather community. He is known by many as Handler Vult and supports the Pup and Furry communities – in and outside of the bedroom. His nipples are his cum buttons, and he can shoot three times in a row if you know what you’re doing. He’d like to thank each and every leather man that held his hand and cock through this transition. And he would be entirely honored to become Mr. Los Angeles Leather and represent our lucky community at International Male Leather.