Mr. Sister Leather 2023 – Victor Ongpin

Mr. Sister Leather 2023 – Victor Ongpin

Victor Ongpin is a Seattle native who lived in the Evergreen State throughout most of his adulthood with a few stints touring the globe, meeting compelling men along the way. Shortly after coming out of the closet in his mid-twenties, Victor found community with like-minded individuals through the sport of rugby, where he learned not only about brotherhood and camaraderie, but about bear culture and the leather community, as well.

Through sports (including rugby, soccer, and flag football, to name a few), Victor learned the depths of his own physical and mental toughness, paving the way for channeling his sexual aggression through a kinky disposition and a bit of exhibitionism.

Victor would later found and launch JAKE Talks, an empowering TED-style talk series by and for the LGBTQ2+/queer community, including noteworthy leathermen and community organizations, such as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Serving the community through this program later fueled his desire to run for and be named Mr. Sister Leather 2023 in Los Angeles.

Among other community involvement, Victor is a member of the Team Beefcake cycling team, fundraising for AIDS/LifeCycle, during which he will make the 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June.

As a collared pup, Victor finds his way to the next rendezvous by sniffing pits and crotches knowing that eye contact, body language, and physical touch are all he needs to get the evening started. Come the weekends, you can catch him at one of LA’s local leather bars or warehouse parties. He’ll be clad simply in a jockstrap and harness (or sports gear) working his way through the darkroom play areas, where he flags red or dark pink on the left, or gray, navy blue, or magenta on the right.