Ms. LA Leather 2017 Joins Forces with Mr. LA Leather 2017


Los Angeles, CA: November 8, 2016; the Los Angeles Leather Coalition is excited to announce the 2017 Ms. LA Leather contest will kick off the 2017 Los Angeles Leather Pride Week. On January 17, 2016, the Ms. Los Angeles Leather contest was resurrected after a 17-year-hiatus. Reviving this contest added another layer to the Southern California Leather Community.

“LALP has always been a week to celebrate all the identities of the Los Angeles Leather community, and it is an honor to join our brothers in an official capacity. We are seeing rejuvenation in the women’s title system in LA, and to a large degree, we have our brothers to thank for that. Without their support, that continued growth wouldn’t be possible. Together, with our brother contest rounding out the week, we truly feel that the LALC has successfully accomplished maintaining a commitment of togetherness and support, yet respecting each event’s individuality.” Shae Flanigan, Executive Producer, Ms. LA Leather

The 2017 LA Leather Pride week kicks off at a new event on March 24, where the contestants for Ms. LA Leather, Mr. LA Leather, and the LA Bootblack will draw numbers and meet the crowd. Saturday, March 25 will be the Ms. LA Leather Contest also being held at Sanctuary LAX, followed by CONVERGENCE, Sunday, March 26 at the Bullet Bar. CONVERGENCE is a celebration of the new Ms. LA Leather 2017, the Ride In for Mr. LA Leather 2017, and the first round for the LA Bootblack contest.

“The entire LA Leather Pride Committee has worked hard to bring you a better experience for the 2017 LA Leather Pride week. It will be a true celebration of the Los Angeles leather, BDSM, and fetish community. Having our sisters in leather alongside us is a monumental step in creating a stronger foundation for us to continue to grow. Additionally, recognizing the contributions to the community, we are excited to have the LA Bootblack contest starting in 2017.” Marlon Morales, Chairman, Los Angeles Leather Coalition and Los Angeles Leather Pride

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Join us March 24 to April 2 to celebrate Los Angeles Leather Pride.

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