The LA30 – Ensuring our future

The LA30 - Extraordinary leaders are ensuring our future

The LA30 is a small band of dedicated supporters of LA's leather community willing to make a commitment of at least $250 per person ($500 per couple) on an annual basis. These funds are kept in a separate endowment account subject to the control and oversight of the LALC Board of Directors and can only be used as the Board specifically authorizes. Every dollar pledged to The LA30 will go to help the Los Angeles Leather Coalition assure its ongoing financial stability by providing a needed a source of funds for the future.

Members of The LA30 have a high level of access and priority, and serve as an attentive liaison between the LALC and the leather community it serves. Although The LA30 is not a governing body or have any ongoing obligations other than their contributions to the work of the LALC, they are a valuable resource for all matters related to the LALC and LA Leather Pride Week related activities.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their annual support:

Founder’s Legion Members
Jim Neuman – Leadership Gift
Doug Beardslee
Dr. Lawrence Burden and William Burden
Kevin C. and Brian D.
Carlos Dievez
Steve Ganzell (In Memoriam)
Mike Gerle and Garret McClure
Steve Harman
Charlie Matula and Hunter Fox
Jon Wright

Donald Jones Anspauch, Jr.
Miss Diana
Jeffrey Erdman
Xavier O. Espejo
Jennifer Gregg
Will Hildreth & Ryan Cooke
Esteban Jimenez
Sir Ian
Leo Iriarte
Michael Lara and Dennis Schulte
Apolonio E. Muñoz III
Lou Romano
Alan Stroik

Newest Members (2019 & 2020)
George Fouras
Brian Goss
Richard Boehle
Richard Passmore
Christopher Romberg

Honorary Members
Ralph Bruneau
Robert Green
Eric Paul Leue
Patrick Smith and Michael Milenitza

Honorary Lifetime Members
Dave Rhodes

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